Healing to Health - Vinette Zabriskie, M.D.


Healing is the reason I became a physician.  I knew even as a little girl that I wanted to help people heal.  I have always had curiosity about why some people get sick and others seem so well.  What is it that really causes illness?  And what is health, really?  Looking for answers to these questions motivated me to pursue various other disciplines for my own personal development and in my quest to help others.  I have found some very useful techniques through Training In Power Academy, and The Emotion Code.

I am a teacher in the Training in Power Academy, which is primarily in the Seattle-Vancouver, BC area.  I regularly teach the Level I class in that discipline, where students learn how to shield themselves from negative energies, how to actively meditate, and the fundamental concepts of Vibrational Psychology, Power and Energy.  I find it most rewarding to be able to teach this class, and if you choose to try it, I believe you too will find it a profound experience.  You can learn more on the Training In Power Academy web site.

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