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Emotion Code

Vinette's Emotion Code certificateI am really excited to be able to offer you a chance to experience The Emotion Code process. I became certified in July 2014 as an Emotion Code practitioner and am delighted to add this to my tool box of healing modalities. This is a gentle yet powerful technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to help detect then release trapped emotions.

Emotions can become trapped in your body if they were so intense they were not fully processed at the time they occurred. Once they are trapped in your body they can form a type of “energy ball,” which then disrupts the natural flow of your body’s energy. The Asian cultures call this energy flow “Chi.” When the energy flow is disrupted, pain can occur in various organs, or you may experience anxiety, depression or any number of other illnesses and conditions.

Utilizing muscle response testing, we can then ask the body if a trapped emotion is present, and find exactly what it is and even where it is stored. We can also find at what age it became trapped in your body, or even if it became trapped during the time you were in your mother’s uterus. Sometimes trapped emotions can be inherited and we can detect and release those also. Visit www.drbradleynelson.com to fully review his teaching and work. He has published a book called The Emotion Code which you may find helpful also.

The Emotion Code process can also be done on animals with excellent results. It can easily be done over the phone, or via Skype, and I have experience with all these ways of working with clients. All you need to bring to the session is the willingness to allow the process to take place and to surrender to the information we receive. I will regularly ask your body if there are more trapped emotions to be released in this session, and when your body has had enough, the muscle response testing will say so.

The process takes about a half an hour and costs just $49. I would love to have you experience this process.
Please e-mail me at VinetteZabriskieMD@gmail.com to arrange a session, either in person or by phone.  Please pay by clicking the button below.