Are you destined to get all of your parents’ diseases?

Do you find it inevitable that you will become a diabetic like your father or mother? Do you have parents with Alzheimer’s or dementia? One of my sisters recently turned me on to Dale E. Bredesen’s book “The End of Alzheimer’s.” It is a very interesting and scientific book that talks about the true causes of Alzheimer’s and how genes, lifestyles, diet, exercise and many other things contribute the the condition. He suggests multiple modifications in diet and other things that can reverse early Alzheimer’s or even prevent it. What a sign of relief for me, as my 93 year old mother has dementia, although it has not been specifically diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. I would encourage you to pick up the book if you have concerns about your own status. Please share your comments!

another post

It came to me as I read Marilyn’s post that when our loved ones get sick, it really challenges all our resolves and belief systems. My son, now 27, had bleeding into his brain a year and a half ago and thank goodness he is fine now and had full recovery, but having my healing community work on him was so powerful I feel gratitude to this day!

I have a blog!

I want to start a dialogue about health and healing. As a physician I have spent some 35 years doing physicals and annual exams. Are you healthy if all your numbers in your health care provider’s office look good? Are you healthy if you feel good? What role do you think the body, mind and spirit play in your well being? Please share your thoughts with me!